Café Baile - Week 1 2014


PHotos from the first week’s great shows and how to see them.

5 august 2014

Many thanks to Thomas Meyer for allowing us to share these.

Pss Pss - Baccalá Clown

Zoo Southside (Venue 82), 18:50 until 25th August (not 18th)

Fusion Guitar: Classical and Percussive Guitar - Declan Zapala

C too (Venue 4), 17:30 until 16th August (not 11th)

Éowyn Emerald and Dancers

Greenside @ Royal Terrace (Venue 231), 13:50 until 16th August (not 10th)

Samurai Spirit is Here! – Samurai Drum IKKI

theSpace @ Symposium Hall (Venue 43), 17:10 until 17th August (not 10th)

Circus Incognitus – Jamie Adkins

New Town Theatre (Venue 7), 16:00 until 24th August (not 12th, 18th)

Journeys Beyond – Wac Arts and Eclipse Theatre Company

theSpace @ Venue45, 19:35 until 9th August

Sushi Tap Show – Tokyo Tapdo!

C (Venue 34), 16:45 until 25th August

Wonders of the Universe - Naturalis Labor/ Martina Cortelazzo and Karol Cysewski

“The Cut Tuk Show and Wonders of the Universe” at Dance Base (Venue 22), 14:00 until 17th August (not 11th)